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Cleo’s Boarding Cattery opened in December 2005 as finally a long term dream came to reality. The owner, Lesley Freeman, had enjoyed being a high school teacher for 33 years, but as an animal person, living on acreage, looked forward to interacting with a different type of personnel.

The cattery has been designed to offer modern cats, who increasingly are used to living in-doors, safe secure and comfortable accommodation in boarding. Four enclosed outdoor garden areas allow cats exercise and relaxation time outside each day in sydney.

Cleo’s Cattery has been named in memory of Cleo, a well loved chocolate Burmese, who was the owner, Lesley’s, first Burmese cat back in 1990.

As well as being a most loving and faithful companion, Cleo was the mother of many fine Burmese kittens and the founder of Lesley’s breeding line. Still living with us are Shadow, Cleo’s granddaughter, Asha, Cleo’s great granddaughter, and Bruce, a de-sexed male, Cleo’s great-great grandson, (who is currently employed as our receptionist).

sydney cattery boarding

Lesley has been a registered breeder with The Cat Fanciersí Association since 1990. We have only two litters per year. Kittens are raised in the house and learn to become what Burmese cats should be; potential owners of a human, to raise and train as they see fit.

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